When you heard the news of the sudden death of a friend’s family member or any colleague’s near ones then immediately you feel to pass condolence with sympathy messages. Some people prefer to express it personally by attending the funeral and some like to send it in a written way in the form of mail, letter or a text message. Whatever your way of expression is, you must learn how to say sympathy words in an appropriate method. The first and the most important thing to remember is that when writing sympathy messages or expressing them you must be sincere with the right words that are kind and are like sharing grief. The right words express your sincerity and closeness to the deceased person. To express some genuine sympathy words that prove you are sharing grief with the family.

Keep the content simple and direct

The content of sympathy messages must be simple and direct like “I am sorry for the loss”, “please accept my condolence”, I am always with you.” “I know how you feel now.” Etc. You have to say that your prayers and thoughts are always with them. This makes a supportive message to the grieving individual. Try to take some extra care when writing words or expressing them. Try to use positive and memorable words that you remember about the dead person. Express how you felt after listening to the shocking news about the death of the person who was with you till the last time.

Guidelines to help you compose sympathy messages

As you have known about the way of sending sympathy messages then one more important thing to know is how to write it in case of speech which you are going to deliver in memory of the dead person. You must speak in a simple way and must be sincere. Even if you are able to compose messages on a computer, you must compose your thoughts, sorrow and support. As it is the time for grieving and mourning at the death of dear ones, you must remember to pay homage in the form of condolence with past memories of great times spent with him or her. Read more about sympathy messages here.

Make use of sympathy cards with printed messages 

When it comes to selecting the way of sending sympathy notes then sympathy cards are the best choices which are with the right words. As we all know a demise of a person is a sensitive matter and the sympathy notes on cards are the appropriate way to give condolence to the family members. If you are not aware of the sympathy words and quotes then express grief and sorrow in place of it.

Use personalized notes

If you know what to say exactly in a personal way then you can prepare a written card with a personalized note which can deliver a special message of sympathy. In it you must acknowledge the demise and then express sympathy towards the dead person. Make use of few unique qualities which the dead person had along with memorable moments which you have spent with him or her.

Honor the deceased person with good sympathy words

It is very hurtful to lose a loved one. At this point of time, everyone expects encouragement from family and friends to help them in their tough time. You too might have come across this situation. Proper way of encouraging the family members is by describing about the dead person in the sympathy message. Try to describe these words like loving, motivated, talents; pioneer, hilarious, dedicated, outgoing, and beautiful, quiet, motivated etc. Use any of the suitable words in your sympathy message like: Joseph was a dedicated person, a caring and motivated team member. I will never put out of my mind the beautiful smile on his face when he departed from me last evening. This kind of messages will show a lot of kindness and caring from your side towards the dead person.

Think about the person while you are writing

Many people fear to write sympathy words thinking that it may not be a proper way of writing when the family is going through difficult and tough situation. Never feel like that, as this is the time you must be with them. Pen down a few lines about the dead person with sympathy words and quotes and express how his sudden loss shocked you and other members. Allow your genuine feelings to flow in the form of sympathy words to help of a pen.

You can something like, he was a role model to me from college days, or I know him from a few years when we were posted on the same block etc. This shows that really you are grief on the demise of one of your circle members. You can even use condolence words when your friends close relative or family member had passed away. You have to keep the proper flow of sympathy words so that they are understood in any situation.

Here are the words of sympathy messages to have a look

  • I am sincerely sorry for your loss.
  • Thinking of you at the time of unhappiness.
  • He or she will remain always in our hearts.
  • My feelings and prayers are always with you and your family members.
  • May god offer you strength during this hard time?
  • My deepest sympathy is with you.
  • His or her memorable joy will always make us happy.
  • I am very distressed to hear the loss of yours.
  • Please accept our condolences.
  • I have no terms to convey how sorry I am for your loss.
  • We will greatly miss the greatest and dedicated person of the family.

Final thoughts

Words of sympathy are not only an exclusive way of expressing grief and sorrow towards the family but a simple and caring way to show that you are always with them in their difficult situations. It does not matter in what ways you express the words of condolence to heal the grief of suffering person, but it looks very hearty and compassionate when someone is there to care for them.

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